How To Safely Consume Delta 8 THC

How To Safely Consume Delta 8 THC

Given their surprising benefits, cannabis plants continue to be studied. Aside from their benefits, these plants contain different ingredients that can be extracted individually. Each ingredient triggers a response from the user’s body. Some might be similar by default, while the rest are wholly unique.

Delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the compounds only found in cannabis plants. Many often confuse it with delta 9 THC, considering they both fall under the same THC category. By extension, they’re responsible for triggering the brain to release generous amounts of the ‘feel good’ chemical which is properly called dopamine.

Aside from experiencing that intoxicating high, THC users gain more benefits, such as relaxation and possible pain relief. But considering how overwhelming that ‘high’ is, many might do without it. Fortunately, delta 8 is the milder version of delta 9, so it’s a better option for those who want to try a THC product.

How To Take It

Although its effects are milder, delta 8 might be a huge jump for those who are used to lower potencies—especially for new cannabis users. After all, anything from THC is still stronger than most cannabidiol (CBD) products. Before purchasing your first Delta 8 Shatter Bulk, learn how to take it safely. Here are some ways to do it:

  1. Do Your Research

Many studies have proven how THC products could cause positive short-term effects that are likely to become long-term when consumed regularly. Some of these positive effects are elevating focus, enabling the body to relax better, and acting as a numbing agent for pain. However, users must be aware that delta 8 is still fairly new compared with delta 9. Because of this, they’re still unsure whether its benefits could outweigh its risks.

There are always various risks when taking any cannabis products. Considering how THC causes a ‘high,’ its users are likely to get addicted to it and undergo withdrawal once they stop consuming it regularly.

Even if they consume a daily dose of THC, various risks, such as a rapid heart rate, difficulty coordinating movements, and anxiety, will still crop up. Additionally, considering delta 8 is synthetically produced, artificial risks might be present yet still unknown due to how little is known about the new compound.

  1. Know Your Options

Because cannabis users have different preferences, manufacturers produce various products for each cannabis compound. Even delta 8 has different products despite its recent introduction to the cannabis community. Most of these products are common in the community: edibles, dabs, tinctures, and smoking or vaping.

Each product creates a unique experience that only certain users might like. For example, edibles are perfect for those who love candy, specifically gummies. As each piece contains premeasured delta 8, eating edibles is a fun and tasty way to enjoy cannabis. However, the effects only start after a couple of hours at maximum.

In contrast, vaping and smoking are great ways for the effects to quickly sink in after consumption. After all, delta 8 directly enters the user’s system via the lungs, making it the fastest method of enjoying cannabis. However, smoking delta 8 flowers might end up degrading the cannabis due to combustion. Hence, for those who want a higher delta 8 concentration, vaping is highly recommended

  1. Determine Suitable Dosage

Time and time again, the most crucial lesson veteran cannabis users will impart to beginners is to pace themselves. Taking cannabis is meant to be a soothing experience. However, it’s easy to ruin that after consuming a large dosage. When that happens, the user’s brain might get overwhelmed once the cannabis’ effects come crashing in simultaneously. Considering how strong THC is, you might end up with a horrible time after taking too much.

One way to identify which dosages suit the user is based on body weight. Generally, the larger the person is, the more dosage they might need. But aside from body weight, consider why you’re taking delta 8. Those who have time to themselves and only want to relax might enjoy stronger effects. However, some might want to take it to boost their energy levels for physical exertion, which calls for milder effects.

  1. Consult An Expert

Considering how cannabis is responsible for various effects on the body, it’s better to talk to a professional to be safe. After all, having someone guiding new users greatly impacts the experience. On top of that, professionals are more familiar with the latest trends in the cannabis community. They could recommend something that suits your preferences, given how many products there are.  


Recently, delta 8 THC has been growing in popularity among cannabis communities. Given its mild effects compared with other THC strains, delta 8 is much friendlier to new users and those who wish to enjoy cannabis without experiencing a ‘high.’ Once you learn how to take it properly, delta 8 might end up on your top list of cannabis products.

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