How to Defeat Depression in Simple and Healthy Ways

How to Defeat Depression in Simple and Healthy Ways

Depression is a very common issue these days, and the reasons could be endless: stress from work, not getting enough sleep, toxic media, losing a friend or your life partner, and much more. Even so, there’s a lot of hope out there that depression could be easily defeated once you engage in maintaining simple habits.

Statistics and scientific studies show that depression is a lot more than just sadness. Depressed people often have symptoms such as a sense of helplessness or hopelessness, fatigue, lack of concentration and good memory, anxiety, and much more. Let’s see our top recommendations to avoid those unpleasant symptoms:

Workout daily

There are countless studies showing that regularly working out, even for half an hour per day, will improve your brain health a lot. Anxiety is the first thing that will go away the more you engage in daily exercises, and depression is usually connected. Any type of exercise will do; just do something to break a sweat! Push-ups, stretching, jogging, or even the simple act of walking across a long road will do.

Do the opposite of what your inner demons tell you

When you’re depressed, you have that inner voice that keeps pushing you to remain in an unproductive state. Fight it as hard as you can by doing the opposite of what it tells you. If you cannot feel like approaching a person you just met, then approach that person! If you think you’ll fail an exam, do your best to pass it! If your inner demons tell you that you’re miserable, tell yourself that you are not! Do these things each and every time you get the chance, and soon you’ll see some great results!

Try something that makes you feel important

There’s no need to become cocky, but doing any little thing that puts you in pole-position could help you a lot with your depression. Try holding a speech, singing your favourite song at a karaoke party, or learning some programming skills to build unique and great apps and games. You can also try playing some mind games (Chess, Triviador, Sudoku, Scrabble, etc.) with your friends. Competing with others and defeating them in such games that train your mind will give you a lot of satisfaction and the feeling of dominance. Knowledge is power, as an old Latin proverb says.

Do voluntary work

The chance to do voluntary work is practically everywhere, and it will give you a great feeling of self-importance. Again, you must not become cocky! You can plant trees, teach children how to read and write, take someone else’s pet for a walk, go shopping for elders who cannot move around, and so on. The gratitude that you’ll receive by doing voluntary work will definitely grant you a better mood.

Write down five achievements that make you proud of yourself

Grab a piece of paper and write five achievements that you’re happy about. Visualize that paper every night for five minutes before you go to sleep. Those five achievements can be anything from your entire existence, like when you graduated the driving school or when you got married. Also, even apparently redundant stuff could be on the list, such as the first exam that you’ve passed during the first grade or the first girl you kissed at your own initiative.

Write down five things that you’re happy to have

Again, this second list can be composed of anything – your smartphone, a favourite book, a toy, etc. Visualize this list as well before you go to sleep and together with the list of the five achievements that make you proud of yourself.

These are our top recommendations, and if you do at least the majority of them regularly, the results will appear in just a few weeks. Good luck!

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