How Smartphone Addiction Can Affect Your Mental Health More Than You Realize

How Smartphone Addiction Can Affect Your Mental Health More Than You Realize

Smartphones nowadays play a crucial role in our lives, and nobody is willing to deny that. However, the way a person uses their smartphone, as well as how they manage their time spent when they don’t need those devices, will tell the difference between a dangerous addiction and a positive one.

Everybody has a smartphone nowadays and for good reasons. We have to check our bank account, pay with them, book a room at the hotel, check in our jobs, and so on.

Let’s speak a bit about the more dangerous habits while maneuvering a smartphone that could make us develop some pretty ugly health conditions over time:


Smartphone displays usually emit blue light, which can interfere with the production of melatonin, meaning the sleep hormone. As a result, the addicted person will have trouble falling asleep at night, meaning that insomnia kicks in.

Depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common health conditions in our modern society, unfortunately. A lot of teenagers deal with them, and many times, it can happen due to their smartphone addiction. By diving too much into the virtual world, a person will be more motivated to avoid real human interaction. Whether we accept it or not, each and every person out there feels the need to interact with others to some degree, as we’re social beings by nature. Anxiety kicks in if we lack real human interaction for too long, which can also lead to depression.

Statistics show that in both the US and UK, depression rates among teenagers started to rise. By 2019, those rates have even doubled.

Giving up true human interaction for the sake of the virtual world will naturally make you feel depressed, although you may somehow feel comfortable with it and like to deceive yourself by saying that humans are complicated and that they actually bring you misery in the end.

Impaired cognitive function

Another terrifying aspect is that smartphone addiction could trigger problems with our cognitive functioning. Therefore, we may have trouble remembering things or even face a reduced attention span. Constant notifications and multitasking on the phone can contribute to a reduced attention span, as well as a more difficult focus on our tasks.

Reduced productivity

Don’t be surprised if you can’t be as productive as before if you dive too much into a smartphone addiction. In other words, some people having such an addiction might have to deal with frequent procrastination due to prolonged exposure to digital content. It’s logical that it’s much more tempting to check what your crush has posted new rather than doing your homework, for instance.

Social isolation

As we already said, overusing a smartphone will make you less interested in interactions with the real world. As a result, you won’t have good interaction skills anymore, and people will avoid you. It will become more and more difficult to make friends, not to mention a life partner. The feeling of loneliness is also a very concerning problem in our society.

No more dating life

In recent years, there’s been a growing problem in our society among teenagers and young people: they don’t seek romantic relationships anymore. And if they do, they can’t maintain them. Guess what the cause could be? That’s right: having developed a dangerous addiction to their smartphone usage. If you suffer from anxiety, it becomes more and more difficult to have real and strong human interactions. Therefore, the natural urge to get yourself a life partner that God has put in each and every one of us will be drastically reduced. Depression, which can also result from smartphone addiction, will make you lack self-confidence, and guess what that will lead to? That’s right: not being able to get and sustain a romantic relationship. No woman out there on the planet can feel attracted by a male who lacks self-confidence. That’s how males mate in any species: by showing dominant and masculine behavior. That’s how females are attracted by males in any species, and there’s nothing to blame here. It’s just how the world works. But if you’re depressed and lack self-confidence as a result of your smartphone addiction, how could you possibly find yourself a future wife?

Physical health problems

Eye strain and poor posture can also kick in if you are addicted to your smartphone. Looking down on a display too often will obviously contribute to musculoskeletal issues and poor posture.

Ultimately, as you’ve probably already understood from this article, we’re not telling you to throw your smartphone out the window. These gadgets are extremely useful and beneficial in our society, but it’s the way we use them that can do more harm than good. If, for instance, you can’t resist the urge to pull out your smartphone and start scrolling when you’re at a meeting or a date, that surely means that you have a problem. And, of course, it means a serious lack of politeness. Why not try to enjoy human presence from time to time? Why not try to read a book at least once in a blue moon (and no, we’re not talking about ebooks)?

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