How Mixing COVID Vaccines is a Good Idea, According to Oxford Researchers

How Mixing COVID Vaccines is a Good Idea, According to Oxford Researchers

While the upholders of the COVID vaccines are saying that the jabs are offering a pretty comfortable level of protection against the coronavirus, Oxford researchers also have a pretty interesting idea. Getting vaccinated with AstraZeneca’s shot and having the Pfizer vaccine as the second dose would grant roughly as much protection as two jabs from Pfizer, according to The Guardian.

Getting vaccinated with different jabs for the first and second shots will produce a strong immune response to the coronavirus, according to the new research that aims to help the vaccination programmes around the world.

A promising experiment

The Oxford researchers observed the results after a group of people were given either the usual two doses of the AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccine or a combination of the two jabs.

Taking two doses of Pfizer’s vaccine granted the highest level of antibodies. However, one dose of AstraZeneca’s vaccine followed by one from Pfizer resulted in pretty much the same level of protection.

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Matthew Snape, who is an associate professor at Oxford in paediatrics and vaccinology, declared as cited by The Guardian:

You’ve certainly got an extra kick to your immune system if you boost with the RNA vaccine from Pfizer rather than a booster dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

T cell immunity was examined within the study. Mixing the vaccines has proven to have a significant impact, as the strongest T cell activity was seen for people who had the AstraZeneca jab followed by a booster from Pfizer.

As Our World in Data reveals, 3 billion vaccine doses for COVID had been administered worldwide so far. Also, 42 million shots are administered every day.


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