How Lung Cancer Patients Can Get a Life Extension

How Lung Cancer Patients Can Get a Life Extension

Who doesn’t like the idea of living longer? Many of us would even want to live forever, but time is like a tyrant who doesn’t forgive anyone.

Lung cancer is the most lethal type of cancer for both men and women from the US. The disease kills more people every year than prostate, breast, and colon cancer combined.

Roughly 400,000 people from the US are living with lung cancer.

Lung cancer patients should quit cigarettes for living two years longer than those who keep smoking

According to Daily Mail, those who suffer from lung cancer can apply the very simple method of quitting smoking for living two years longer upon diagnoses compared to the individuals who still prefer to take those cigarettes.

A number of 517 adults in the early stages of lung cancer diagnoses were recruited. Over a time span of seven years each, the participants were interviewed by the scientists to find out how often they’ve ignited those cigarettes. Other possible lifestyle and medical changes were taken into account.

Forty-five percent of the people who were diagnosed with cancer of the lungs quit smoking.

Preston Browning, who’s an electrician in Ridgetop (Tennessee), quit smoking cigarettes while recovering from cancer surgery. He declared as quoted by Daily Mail.

It´s the biggest reason I´ve ever had in my life to quit.

Judith Prochaska, who directs the tobacco program of Stanford, declared as also cited by Daily Mail:

If you´ve got life-saving treatment it should be provided to all patients.

Lung cancer is generally the disease of the elders, as 81% of those who live with it are above the age of 60.

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