How Long Can COVID-19 Immunity Last

How Long Can COVID-19 Immunity Last

Nothing lasts forever in this world, not even defeating the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Although the vast majority of COVID-19 patients are recovered from the illness, it doesn’t mean that they’re totally safe. The healthcare workers and doctors had recovered ninety-seven percent of all people who suffered from the pandemic virus and whom cases were closed. Still, they can get infected again after several months.

The robust immune memory kicks in after a patient is recovered from the pandemic disease, and more than just antibodies are in the game. White blood cells known as T cells and B cells also play a major role. A team of scientists analyzed both types of T cells and antibodies from blood samples taken from 185 people who were recovered from COVID-19.

Reinfection could occur at six to eight months after recovery

Although the new research is not yet peer-reviewed, it still offers a lot of hope for people during these times when hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 infections occur every single day throughout the world.

Shane Crotty, a co-author of the study and a virologist at La Jolla Institute for Immunology in California, declared:

Most people are making most parts of the immune response to this virus, and those parts are still around six to eight months later,

That looks like generally good news for having protective immunity.

Crotty also spoke about the importance of all the microscopic weapons of the human body, such as T cells and B cells, as they work together for boosting immunity:

All of those elements are designed to work together: If in any given person one’s not so great, the other arms of the immune system can compensate. So it makes sense to measure everything,

The new results show that patients’ levels of coronavirus-specific T cells declined a bit between four and six months, and with no changes afterwards. The scientists believe it’s likely that T cells and antibodies remain consistent after a six-month mark.





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  1. So why, after we have had and overcome the virus should we still wear masks and distance? It seems to me the that the more often we’re exposed after we have overcome it the greater our immunity would be. Can someone explain the fault in my thinking please!


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