How Hydroxychloroquine Was Administered at 2 Nursing Homes Without Approval

How Hydroxychloroquine Was Administered at 2 Nursing Homes Without Approval

It seems that nursing homes in Texas and Pennsylvania have administered hydroxychloroquine to its residents that fight the new coronavirus. However, they did not get any kind of approval for that.


Senators stated that the drug that has been promoted by President Trump as being a very promising treatment for COVID-19 was used in a nursing home. This happened after the Food and Drug Administration warned people against using it outside of the hospital.


There were about 200 patients who got the drug. Senators sent a letter to federal agencies who take care of nursing homes around the US. They wanted details about the efforts that they made when administering the drug to the patients and their approval of being subjected to unsafe treatments for the virus.  


The senators wrote in the letters: “The use of hydroxychloroquine is all the more concerning due to warnings from medical experts about the increased risks seniors face from the drug.”


The federal agency that was assigned to the nursing homes, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, told numerous sources that they are currently reviewing the letters and that they will respond directly to the senators.


Hydroxychloroquine and its way to raising questions


The President of the United States highly promoted hydroxychloroquine. Initially, the Food and Drug Administration has given an emergency authorization for its use, but that was early in the pandemic. Ever since then, they started to have concerns about the effectiveness of the drugs when it comes to treating COVID-19. Back in April, FDA has issued a new warning against the use of hydroxychloroquine outside hospitals. Then, in June, they revoked the emergency use authorization, showing pieces of evidence that the recommended dose is not effective against the virus.


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