How Do You Know If Your Moles Are Dangerous Or Not

How Do You Know If Your Moles Are Dangerous Or Not

Early detection of skin cancer can be a saving step, especially in the case of extremely dangerous forms, such as melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Doctors say that the first signs of this condition can be detected early on, even by the patient by regularly monitoring the mumps and observing some irregularities that indicate a cancerous potential.

Despite the fact that each person has at least one mole, few of us know to distinguish a healthy mole from one that has the potential to turn into skin cancer. This is the reason why dermatologists recommend that we pay special attention to moles and periodically examine them (preferably monthly) to detect early signs of extremely serious illness.

Detecting Moles

Good information on the characteristics of dangerous moles and their regular monitoring at home can help identify neophytes with carcinogenic potential at an early stage.

Although melanoma occurs most often on the most exposed parts of the body, this disease can develop anywhere, even on the scalp.

The ABCDE Rule

Skin lesions associated with melanoma have certain characteristics called “ABCDE”, which can be easily identified from one skin check to another:

Asymmetry – if half of the mole is different in size or shape compared to the other half. To see if a mole is asymmetric, use an opaque ruler and cover half of the mole and then compare it with the other half.

B (border) – if the edge of the mole is irregular.

Color – may be a sign of skin disease; If there are many colors on a mole, then it should be presented to a dermatologist.

Diameter – moles that grow in a short period of time in adults may be atypical and even malignant.

Evolution – the moles that change their structure are an alarm signal. Tip: pay great attention to plane moles, not just to those that become palpable.


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