HIV Drug Could Prove Useful Against Some Degree of Memory Loss

HIV Drug Could Prove Useful Against Some Degree of Memory Loss

People often become more forgetful as they live, and that’s one sad aspect of life that we have to learn to live with. The good news is that not all degree of memory loss qualifies as a reason to be concerned.

Today we’re talking about short-term memory loss. It’s that kind of memory loss that makes you wonder why you left the room when you initially wanted to grab an apple, for instance. Overcoming middle-aged memory loss is not as difficult as it might seem, and a possible treatment might leave you speechless.

Can maraviroc defeat middle-aged memory loss? tells us that a press release claims that UCLA researchers discovered a way to restore memory linking by using a drug approved by the FDA. It works on mice, so there’s hope that it should work on humans as well.

Maraviroc is the anti-HIV drug in question, and it proved successful when it came to suppressing the CCR5 gene in the brains of the little animals. 

Not only that the new study could lead to finding a way to strengthen human memory for middle-aged people, but it could also find ways to tackle dementia, the condition that lists memory loss as one of its symptoms. Other symptoms of dementia include shifts in personality, difficulty performing familiar tasks, and more.

Silva, who’s a UCLA Brain Research Institute member, said as quotes:

When we gave maraviroc to older mice, the drug duplicated the effect of genetically deleting CCR5 from their DNA,

The older animals were able to link memories again.

Oddly enough, the CCR5 gene is useful when it comes to making us not remember things that are no longer relevant to us. 

A clinical trial will be organized to allow scientists to determine the effectiveness of the maraviroc drug in preventing and reversing memory loss.


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