Higher Restrictions Imposed By The UK to Defeat The New Strain of COVID-19 – Massive ‘Stay-at-Home’ Order

Higher Restrictions Imposed By The UK to Defeat The New Strain of COVID-19 – Massive ‘Stay-at-Home’ Order

The numbers are reaching unprecedented heights in the UK regarding the pandemic. The country reported over 39,000 COVID-19 infections for a single day span on Christmas Eve, and the situation will most likely get even worse. A new strain of the coronavirus emerging in the UK is the culprit for such a massive surge, and the local authorities are desperately looking for solutions.

Canada is among the latest countries to halt flights from the UK due to the discovery of the new variant of the coronavirus. The list of countries that imposed similar measures regarding flights from the UK is much larger: Germany, Belgium, Sweden, The Netherlands, Ireland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, India, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, and so on.

Tier 4 restrictions in the UK

Time.com writes that about 43% of Britain’s population (24 million people) is under Tier 4, meaning the country’s top level of restrictions for COVID-19. This means that the citizens cannot leave the house except for basic reasons like work, education, medical help, etc. Furthermore, hairdressers, gyms, pools, and stores that sell nonessential goods have been ordered to close.

The basic guidelines for fighting the pandemic are still in place: residents are urged to wash their hands frequently, cover their faces, and maintain a reasonable distance from one another.

The UK has reported a total number of over 70,000 deaths caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, with hundreds of people dying every day.

Over 600,000 people from the UK were vaccinated

More than half a million people from the UK and on the priority list were injected with the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech. The great news comes from news.sky.com, which also writes that between December 8 and December 20, a total number of 616,933 people received the jab. People aged 80 and over, care home residents, and health and social care staff were those who got injected with the first dose. They’ll get a second and final dose after 21 or 28 days.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock declared:

In just over three weeks, the NHS in every part of the UK has already set up hundreds of vaccination sites to ensure those most in need can receive their jab as quickly as possible.

This is just the beginning and we are continually expanding our vaccination programme to help everyone get back to normal in the future.

The number of UK citizens who got their first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for COVID-19 in each of the nations is 521,594 in England, 22,595 in Wales, 56,676 in Scotland, and 16,068 in Northern Ireland.

The COVID-19 vaccine is approved in the entire EU

The vaccination for COVID-19 already begun for all of the European Union’s 27 states, as France24 reports. Ursula von der Leyen, President of The European Commission, wrote:

COVID19 has changed our lives and brought tragedy.

But now there’s hope. The European Union has invested in the research & development of #COVID19 vaccines. We have secured doses for our entire population.

Vaccination will start soon. A European success story.

The overall worldwide numbers regarding the ongoing pandemic continue to look awful. There’s a total of over 80 million cases and more than 1.7 million deaths, with the first three most affected countries being the USA, India, and Brazil. Russia is in fourth place and also the most affected country from Europe, as it reported a total of over 3 million cases and more than 54,000 deaths.

Considering the massive rollout of the vaccines, the end of COVID-19 should be near. The human need for a healthy life is stronger than any pandemic.


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