Here’s What The CDC Advises People To Do Before The Holidays To Keep COVID-19 At Bay

Here’s What The CDC Advises People To Do Before The Holidays To Keep COVID-19 At Bay

The holidays are just around the corner, and we are still in the middle of a pandemic, which is why our usual winter vacations and gatherings will have to suffer some changes for our safety and safety of everyone else around us.

With that being said, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has already released some brand new guidelines that are meant to keep us from catching and spreading COVID-19 while traveling or during family gatherings.

First of all, the CDC encourages people to get vaccinated before spending time in large groups and making sure everyone else is as well.

Furthermore, in some cases, make sure to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status for some extra protection.

As for unvaccinated people, the only advice that can make a change is to stay at home altogether.

In an official statement, they wrote that “CDC still recommends delaying travel until you are fully vaccinated. We fully still expect families and friends to gather for the holidays this year too and we’ve updated our guidance on how to to stay safe over the holidays. The best way to minimize the COVID risk and to ensure that people can gather safely is to get vaccinated or to get the booster if you are eligible.”

They went on to remind people that even if they have already been vaccinated, it is still recommended to wear masks for any festive activities taking place in public indoor spaces.

The same applies if they are celebrating the holidays with anyone that has serious health risks.

“You might still choose to wear a mask regardless of your level of transmission as well if any member of your household has a really weakened immune system, they are at increased risk for severe disease, or are unvaccinated,” the guidance statement goes on to say.

As for those who are planning to meet loved ones from separate households, the CDC advises taking some extra precautions.

“If you’re gathering with a group from multiple households and even from different parts of the country, you might consider additional precautions (e.g., avoiding crowded indoor spaces before travel, taking a test) in advance of gathering to further reduce risk.”

These new guidelines come just as experts warn this season could be really chaotic as far as traveling is concerned.

For instance, due to the fact that about 40% of Transportation Security Administration workers are still to get their shots before the federal deadline, the United States might have to deal with staff shortages around Thanksgiving.

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