Here’s How Much The Coronavirus Effective Treatment Costs

Here’s How Much The Coronavirus Effective Treatment Costs

Experts from around the world have been working together to find treatments and vaccines for the novel coronavirus that hit us unexpectedly. 

It’s probably not too far-fetched to say that this global crisis in the middle of which we are will probably turn out to be the biggest crisis that our generation will be in and everything is triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. 

At the beginning of this week, Gilead Sciences revealed that the much-awaited pricing for the coronavirus treatment remdesivir would cost $3,120 for a typical U.S. patient with commercial insurance, according to the latest reports coming from CNBC

Gilead’s pricing plans 

It’s been reported that the company announced its pricing plans in preparation for it to begin charging for the antiviral drug in July.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that the firm has been donating doses to the US government for distribution so far and this has been going on since it got the emergency use for authorization back in May. 

Also, the company made sure to highlight the fact that they will sell remdesivir for $390 a vial to the governments of developed countries all over the world, and the price for the US private insurance companies will be $520 a vial.

Higher priced for private insurers 

In other words, in the US, the company will charge a lower price for government programs, but a higher one for private insurers. 

“Whether you’re covered by a private insurer, whether you’re covered by a government insurer, whether you’re uninsured with Covid-19, there will not be an issue for access with remdesivir,” Gilead CEO Daniel O’Day said this week. 

We also reported that there’s good news about the coronavirus out there – it’s been recently revealed that the danger of coronavirus could pass soon, according to the latest reports, even without vaccines. 

More studies are showing a lower viral load in newly infected patients. 

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