Hepatitis C Treatment Is Free For All In British Columbia, Canada

Hepatitis C Treatment Is Free For All In British Columbia, Canada

The British-Columbia government is opening access to hepatitis C treatment to all residents of the province, including those with early-stage of the disease. Previously, patients had to pay up for the hepatitis C treatment drugs which were not covered by medical insurances plans.

Until now, a full hepatitis C treatment cost up to $100,000

“In the past, a diagnosis of hepatitis C meant a lifelong struggle,” Adrian Dix, the Canadian Health Minister, said in a statement.

From now on, according to Minister Adrian Dix, all Ontarians suffering from this incurable virus will be able to choose from several treatments, all funded through the national medical insurance plan.

In 2015, the Ministry of Health added Sovaldi and Harvoni drugs to the scheme. However, full treatment costs between $ 55,000 and $100,000 and many patients could not afford to buy a full-length treatment scheme for hepatitis C.

About hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is an infectious disease that affects liver and liver function and is transmitted through the blood and body fluids. Usually, it’s transmitted sexually, from mothers to babies, blood transfusions, or in the case of injectable drug use.

The hepatitis C virus infection evolves in chronic hepatitis C, and the most common complications are cirrhosis and cancer and sometimes a liver transplant is needed.

It is a condition that requires constant monitoring, medication treatment, and a strict lifestyle at all levels.

Vosevi is a new drug to treat hepatitis C

The announcement made recently includes Vosevi on the hepatitis C treatment drugs lists. Vosevi is a new drug approved this January by the Common Drug Review.

The Ontario government implemented a similar measure last week, saying that funding for hepatitis C treatment is made possible by new drugs that are highly effective without being invasive.

In 2017, more than 2,600 British Columbians received treatment for chronic hepatitis C, but the government estimates that 73,000 people are affected by the virus across the province.

Now, that the hepatitis C treatment is free for all in British Columbia, health officials expect to better keep under control the hepatitis C.


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