Healthy Children Are Suffering From Severe Liver Damage – The WHO is Looking for an Explanation

Healthy Children Are Suffering From Severe Liver Damage – The WHO is Looking for an Explanation

The World Health Organization (WHO) is trying to understand why healthy children from the US, UK, Spain, and Ireland become ill because of a rare and severe form of acute hepatitis, according to Insider. However, the government agency has a hunch that adenovirus is what could be causing the illness.

The cases of the children’s illnesses aren’t even included in those of hepatitis A, B, C, D, or E, as the tests reveal. 

The Alabama Department of Public Health reveals that in the American state of Alabama, nine cases of the rare illness in children under ten were reported since November 2021. The same source tells us that all of the nine kids were found positive for Adenovirus 41.

The ADPH also wrote, as Insider quotes:

The affected children were from throughout the state of Alabama, and an epidemiological linkage among them has not been determined. None of these children has had any underlying health conditions of note.

Hepatitis generally means that the liver goes through inflammation, meaning swelling due to tissues becoming infected or injured.

Here’s what has to say about hepatitis type A:

Hepatitis A typically does not cause chronic infection and has no complications. However, deaths caused by viral hepatitis are increasing globally. Viral hepatitis causes over 1 million deaths each year. It’s responsible for two of every three liver cancer deaths.

The World Health Organization (WHO) once said that roughly 325 million people across the world are dealing with chronic hepatitis B or hepatitis C. 

Hepatitis B is more severe and contagious than hepatitis C. 

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