Health Officials Announce that New COVID-19 Strain Can Cause Pink Eye

Health Officials Announce that New COVID-19 Strain Can Cause Pink Eye

Public health authorities in Los Angeles County are informing the public that a new strain of COVID-19 may be connected to pink eye, making for yet another weird symptom caused by the virus.

At the same time, it is worth to note that Conjunctivitis, popularly known as pink eye, has not been definitively linked to the new strain by health authorities.

Still, in order to prevent infection, local authorities are urging the populace to “follow the same commonsense COVID measures.”

It is still a little bit too early to tell whether the development of the new strain is genuinely connected to a greater incidence of Conjunctivitis, according to Barbara Ferrer, director of L.A. County Public Health, who stated last week that the association between the strain Arcturus, also known as XBB.1.16, and pink eye is purely based on “observational data.”

The health department revealed that “However, residents should be aware that watery, itchy or red eyes may be a sign of a COVID infection and these symptoms shouldn’t be simply dismissed as a result of pollen or of seasonal allergies, especially if somebody more vulnerable to severe illness could be exposed.”

According to the health authorities, it is extremely probable that current medications and immunizations will continue to be effective at preventing serious disease brought on by the new strain.

According to the health department, pink eye may be uncomfortable, itchy, and very contagious.

The cornea may get damaged if the condition is not addressed. Conjunctivitis was previously documented in 1 to 3 percent of all COVID-19 patients.

In L.A. County last week, 3 confirmed cases of the new strain were recorded.

According to modeling done by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Arcturus is responsible for 10 percent of COVID cases nationwide and 8 percent of cases in California.


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