Good News for the Fully Vaccinated! You’re Protected Even Without a Booster Shot, Experts Suggest

Good News for the Fully Vaccinated! You’re Protected Even Without a Booster Shot, Experts Suggest

Health experts are accentuating on the fact that full vaccination stays particularly effective against considerable illness or even death due to Covid-19 as federal officials are looking into the possibility of approving the third (booster) vaccine dose in the following weeks.

Dr. Paul Offit, a reputable vaccine expert, and US FDA adviser, stated:

“What’s the goal of this vaccine? The stated goal by (CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky) and others is to prevent serious infection, and all the data today, published by the CDC, presented by the CDC, is it’s done exactly that. There’s been no evidence of clear erosion of protection against serious disease.”

The conversation regarding booster shots experienced intense debates due to experts learning fresh information regarding the virus and its novel strains.

However, scientists are persistent in highlighting the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines.

Dr. Megan Ranney, a professor of emergency medicine from Brown University, explained in an interview with CNN that a complete (two doses) vaccination scheme is still efficient at preventing you from being hospitalized or dying from covid.


Ranney accentuated the fact that “we are still protected against the worst effects of this virus,” which is comforting, at least for the peace of mind.

An analysis of the US CDC from August revealed that only 0.01% of the vaccinated people experienced a case of covid that required hospitalization or led to their death.

That is due to the increased degree of protection provided by two-dose vaccines.

That is one of the reasons why Offit feels like America can make significant progress against the pandemic by simply getting more people vaccinating. He also mentioned that the government’s messaging regarding booster shots was frustrating and led to confusion.

Offit explained that he got calls and emails from people asking him if they are not fully protected anymore.

“I think the message that should come out right now is if you received two doses of mRNA vaccines, you have a very high chance of not having serious infection, and that that has lasted up until the present moment, that you should consider yourself protected against serious illness,” he said.


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