Going to the Toilet in the Middle of the Night Could Indicate the Presence of a Dreadful Disease

Going to the Toilet in the Middle of the Night Could Indicate the Presence of a Dreadful Disease

Going to the toilet throughout the day is relatively normal, but new findings indicate that going for a wee in the middle of the night could be a sign of a serious health condition. This is another situation when our urine can say something about our health, and unfortunately, it’s not good news.

According to Express.co.uk, going to the bathroom desperate for a wee is a sign that prostate cancer could be doing its evil stuff to your body. We’re talking about the second most common cancer for men, as only skin cancer is more prevalent.

Don’t neglect nocturia!

Nocturia is actually the term for the simple fact of waking up in the middle of the night to pee. If your nighttime urinating habits really are a sign of a serious health issue, what happens is that a tumor could be adding pressure on the urethra. 

Therefore, it would be a wise move to go see a doctor if you’ve needed to urinate more often and especially in the middle of the night.

Healthgrades.com brings us a series of interesting facts regarding human urine, and we’re happy to present you some of them below:

  • Every day, a person makes somewhere between 3 to 8 cups of urine.
  • Urine is mostly made of water, and it should be sterile.
  • Based on a person’s urine, his doctor can tell a lot about the health of that individual.
Source: Unsplash

There are some physical characteristics that can be applied to urine, according to LibreTexts: we can mention color, smell (odor), turbidity (transparency), density, and pH (acidity – alkalinity),

GoodHouseKeeping.com even tells us that urine is made 95% out of water. The rest is made of 2.5% urea and a combination of nutrients, salt, hormones, and creatine.


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