Get Ready America! The Worst Flu Season is Coming! Vaccine is Only 10% Effective

Get Ready America! The Worst Flu Season is Coming! Vaccine is Only 10% Effective

The H3N2 flu strain is going to hit America and so far it has been responsible for the biggest outbreak over the last years. Experts believe that the US will have to endure the most dangerous flu season, with the same characteristics as the 2014 outbreak.

The H3N2 strain cause havoc in Australia

The flu strain is deadly and dangerous and in Australia it brought the four deadly flu seasons from the last 10 years. The current existing vaccine, fabricated in spring, has been analyzed by scientists, who believe it will be only 10% effective this time.

When does the flu season begin this year?

While in the past years the flu season started in February, this year the number of people hospitalized due to suffering influenza symptoms has increased. The situation so far it is worse than in 2014.

Dr. Pritish Tosh from the Mayo Clinic has declared for Daily Mail Online that he considers this year to be a bad flu one.

It is unclear yet if H3N2 will be the predominant flu strain to dominate the US this year, but so far this strain has been responsible for the deaths due to flu from the winters of 2003-2004, 2007-2008, 2012-2013 and 2014-2015.

The H3N2 flu has been responsible in 2014 for the death of 147 children and as the year has approached to an end more than 20 death occurred. According to the CDC the 2014 flu vaccine was not good enough to protect people against the H3N2 flu, with just 7% chance of protection.

Experts believe the US is to experience the same fate as Australia and it is not good news.

It seems that people have to be careful and protect themselves for what is to come.


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