The Gene That Causes Autism Has Been Discovered

The Gene That Causes Autism Has Been Discovered

Scientists at the McMaster University in Canada have recognized the gene the causes autism development, as well as many other neurological disorders and illnesses. Now, the scientists believe their discovery will open the roads towards new treatments.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects about 66 children per 10,000 children in the US (the same rates are found in Canada, too). However, the most affected country is Japan with more than 160 autism cases per 10,000 children.

The discovery is considered it will lead to new, cheaper, and faster treatments

“Our studies reveal that in complex brain disorders that have a loss of many genes, a single deleted gene is sufficient to cause symptoms for the patients,” explained Karun Singh, a researcher at the McMaster University in Canada and one of the new study’s authors.

According to Singh, the new finding is very important because will open the roads that lead to new and improved treatments for autism and other similar disorders. The new treatments will save a lot of money and time for doctors as they will now target the newly discovered gene directly.

The scientists are now planning on testing new drugs that could repair the gene’s mutations

Autism and many illnesses like it are produced by the lack of important genetic materials, a process which is scientifically known as gene microdeletion.

A proper gene microdeletion diagnoses support specialists to forecast how a patient will develop in the long-run and which treatment is suitable, if available.

“Our next step is to screen candidate drugs that correct the cognitive brain deficits caused by genetic mutations in TAOK2, and identify candidates for pilot clinical trials,” admitted Karun Singh, the study’s leading author.

The McMaster University’s scientists applied computer calculations based on specific algorithms to create genetically engineered models in order to analyze the genome. This is how they’ve been able to depict which is the gene that causes autism, cataloged as TAOK2.



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  1. You should check your facts. The Autism rate, as released by the CDC this year, is 1 in 36. I am not sure where you get the 66 in 10,000. That is not a true representation of the number of children diagnosed with Autism.


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