Gaming Disorder to be Perceived as Psychological Wellness Condition

Gaming Disorder to be Perceived as Psychological Wellness Condition

Playing computer games excessively, over and over again will soon be perceived as an emotional well-being jumble, a mental health condition, which can lead to difficulties in everyday life if not taking care of and keeping it under control, people believe.

It’s been done!

Gaming Disorder will now be a part of the official list of mental illnesses thanks to the World Health Organization, and this will happen one year from now.

About symptoms…

Manifestations might appear, and these consist in the powerlessness and incapability to show control when it comes to how to play computer games and for how long it takes.

Another warning is the point at which somebody picks games over different interests and activities throughout everyday life and continues playing in spite of the negative results and, at some point, will start being obvious. This also may lead to an antisocial life and rage during playing, if you lose a game, and incapability to communicate with others outside your new environment.

You’ll be alright if…

However, the choice does not imply that playing games it’s itself an issue. This can be as well a very good way to spend your free time as long as you keep it under control. Specialists say that we should put this is context and think about where are we playing those games? At home, by ourselves, or with some friends? Why? Is there a friendly contest, or you just need to win this game? How much do you play? Is it a few hours? Or 48 hours straight?

But hey, here’s the good part… we think?

If this is considered as a mental health disorder, it will automatically perceive by specialists and insurance agencies. I’ll let that sink in.


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