Four COVID Vaccine Doses Will Be Required for Specific Group of People in Israel

Four COVID Vaccine Doses Will Be Required for Specific Group of People in Israel

In Europe and the USA, the authorities don’t know how to convince as many people as possible to get vaccinated with at least two doses against the coronavirus. But in Israel, the stakes had been raised even higher.

According to, Israel has recently become one of the first countries that approve the fourth COVID vaccine dose for those who have weakened immune systems. The decision was announced during a press conference held by the Health Ministry director-general, Mr. Nachman Ash.

The Omicron variant remains a significant threat

The Omicron variant is expected to cause a lot of trouble in Israel as well. It’s already dominant in the USA, and the country recently reported a new record of COVID infections over a 24-hour period: almost half a million infections yesterday, December 29.

Naftali Bennett, the country’s Prime Minister, declared as quoted by

Israel will lead the way in administering a fourth vaccine (dose) to the Israeli people,

Israel’s strategy for overcoming omicron is clear: The greater the wave, the greater the protection we will need to overcome it.

Nachman Ash also issued the following statement, as quoted by the same publication:

We will continue to track the data on a daily basis and we will see if we need to broaden this recommendation to more of the population.

While the COVID vaccination scheme has been initially seen as requiring two doses for those who choose other jabs except the ones developed by Johnson & Johnson, a third so-called ‘booster’ dose was required. In fact, an article from CNN back in November announced that the definition for ‘fully vaccinated’ is changing to three vaccination doses.

We’re eagerly looking forward to finding out how the situation evolves.


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