Former FDA Chief Says That Over 25 Million Kids May Have Been Infected With COVID-19 in the US

Former FDA Chief Says That Over 25 Million Kids May Have Been Infected With COVID-19 in the US

Doctors continue to look for solutions to stop the COVID spread caused by the rampant Delta strain. A number of 4.2 million children are reported to have been infected with COVID-19 in the United States, but former FDA chief Dr. Scott Gottlieb says that the true number could be a lot higher.

If Dr. Gottlieb’s affirmations for CBS’s Face the Nation are correct, the number of kids infected with the coronavirus in the States is at least 25 million, according to Daily Beast. There’s an increasing number of children hospitalized and even present in the ICU.

No testing and no symptoms

The former FDA chief comes with an explanation for the apparently good health of the children. The vast majority of the little ones who supposedly gotten the coronavirus don’t even know it because they weren’t tested and didn’t manifest symptoms.

Credit:, Kelly Sikkema
Credit:, Kelly Sikkema

Dr. Gottlieb declared, as quoted by

As schools reopen, the schools could become focal points of community transmission and can become environments that aren’t safe for children if we can’t control very large outbreaks from happening in those settings.

But is there a solution to the problem? Of course! The doctor added that frequent testing and masks are the answer.

The situation reported yesterday in the US regarding the number of infections and deaths caused by COVID for a 24 hour period was better than how things looked lately in the country. According to, the US reported only more than 30,000 infections and almost 200 deaths caused by COVID.

As for the whole picture, the USA reported a total number of over 38.5 million infections and more than 645,000 deaths caused by COVID, according to Luckily, over 30.4 million people who contracted the virus in the US have been recovered.

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