Former FDA Chief Says That COVID Immunity Could Occur in Roughly 90% of Americans After the Delta Wave

Former FDA Chief Says That COVID Immunity Could Occur in Roughly 90% of Americans After the Delta Wave

The Delta variant of the COVID-19 disease has been known from the start as more contagious than the others. Scientists started to fear that it would spread very fast, and unfortunately, the unavoidable happened.

But there could also be a positive side to the infection with the Delta variant of the coronavirus. According to, the former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb says that up to 90% of those living in the US could develop some form of immunity against COVID until the wave caused by the Delta variant passes.

The coronavirus will spread less effectively

It’s no use thinking that the coronavirus will magically vanish away from Earth. But instead, it will spread less effectively, and its prevalence will decline, according to Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

The former FDA chief spoke in an interview on “Mad Money”. Dr. Scott Gottlieb declared, as quoted by

I’m optimistic that we’re peaking in Covid for the grim truth that the delta wave is so pervasive and infecting so many people that on the back end of this we’re going to have immunity in, at least, 85%, maybe 90% of the population,

Some will have acquired that immunity through vaccination. Some will have acquired that immunity through infection. Some will have been both vaccinated and infected.

As officials continue to add a lot of faith in COVID vaccines, not all Americans like the idea. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 64.4% of the United States’ population has accepted to be vaccinated for COVID with at least one of the necessary doses.
According to, a total of over 709,000 people living in the USA have died after contracting COVID since the very first outbreak of the virus.

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