Florida Woman Recovers from COVID-19 – Returns Home From Hospital to Find Her Husband Dead

Florida Woman Recovers from COVID-19 – Returns Home From Hospital to Find Her Husband Dead

After spending time in the hospital, getting treated for COVID-19, and finally recovering, a Florida woman was happy to go back home to her husband and pets.

What she witnessed upon arriving, however, was shocking and traumatizing!

58-year-old Lisa Steadman checked into the hospital where she remained for no less than 8 days following her positive COVID-19 test result.

This came after her husband, Ron, was also diagnosed, as per WFLA.

The man, however, remained home as she recovered, time during which she had some trouble getting in contact with him.

Unfortunately, after getting discharged, Lisa found her husband dead, having lost the battle with the virus.

She shared that “He had told me that his phone was acting up, and wouldn’t hold a charge. I could not get a hold of him. I sent the Winter Haven Police

Department to do a wellness check. They talked to him and he was fine.”

As a result, when Ron failed to pick up on Tuesday, she just assumed there was simply another problem with his phone

Then, the following day, she was released from the hospital but her joy was short lived and replaced by a nightmare when she found her husband passed in their bedroom.

Furthermore, their pet dogs were also emaciated and close to dying as they had no one to feed them during that time.

The pained wife noted that “I cannot get that picture out of my mind. I wish I never would’ve found him like that.”

WFLA reported that a medical specialist confirmed the cause of death was COVID-19 related.

The couple was not vaccinated when they contracted the virus, WTVT reports.

“Both of us felt that it had not been tested enough yet. Now after being in the hospital and talking to my doctor, when I’m able to take it, I will in September,” Steadman said about getting vaccinated.


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