Flesh Eating Bacteria At Myrtle Beach

Flesh Eating Bacteria At Myrtle Beach

Everything was perfect on her Myrtle Beach vacation for Bonita Fetterman and her family. The elderly woman was enjoying the South Carolina beach destination and one day she accidentally cut her leg on a chair while on the hotel’s balcony. Since it was a minor injury she did not pay too much attention to it.

The following is a happy trip turning horror story

The family returned back home to Lumberton, N.C on Saturday. By then a blister appeared on the grandmother’s leg. That night the leg turned purple and Bonita’s blood pressure dropped to very low levels. She was taken to Southeastern hospital by her family.

The hospital could not help her

At Southeastern Hospital the doctors decided to have her airlifted to the Chapel Hill medical center: the University Of North Carolina Medical Center. Had she stayed in Southeastern, she could have lost her leg.

What caused her body to react like that?

For those wondering how she could have turned so ill after a simple scratch, the answer is terrifying. It seems that she came in contact with a flesh eating bacteria while enjoying the ocean water at Myrtle Beach. The name of the bacteria is necrotizing fasciitis and apparently it eats the body’s soft tissue. This bacterium is dangerous when in contact with an open wound.

Myrtle Beach city reacts:

The story was posted by the woman’s daughter, and the doctors confirmed she is a patient. However, they did not refer to the bacterium or if the story confirms. The city of Myrtle Beach also wrote their version on Facebook saying that they had no previous reports and the city has yet to have confirmed the location, date or further information regarding this incident.

Plenty of people started calling local authorities and trying to find out more and so far local authorities have yet to find evidence o the bacterium.


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