Five Signs You May Have Hearing Loss

Five Signs You May Have Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be a debilitating health problem for those who have had good ear health all their life. It’s easy to spot just how reliant you become on your hearing when you realize that it’s no longer the same as it was.

With hindsight, many of us would have been more careful with our hearing but despite any hearing loss incurred, more damage can be avoided if action is taken quickly. Here are five signs you have hearing loss.

You’re asking people to repeat themselves

Early signs of hearing loss are often when you’re around others. At the bar with friends or visiting your family at a big gathering. These environments can all often be a little noisy and so it’s natural to not always hear what people are saying.

However, there’s a difference between that and always finding yourself asking people to repeat themselves. No matter how hard you try to hear, their voices are a lot quieter than they once were and in some cases, muffled.

This is one of the earliest signs and something that you’ll be aware of subconsciously but as it’s common, it may not always be something you relate to hearing loss. 

You find yourself lip-reading a lot more

Do you find yourself looking down at the lips of people you’re talking to? While it feels a little intrusive, it’s the only way you’re understanding what the person is saying. If you don’t look at their lips, chances are, you’re not catching much of the conversation being said.

This is another common sign that you may have some form of hearing loss because those who do have hearing loss will use lipreading as a way of understanding and communicating.

Even in quiet environments, you’re struggling to hear

For those who have hearing loss, quieter environments can still be a struggle when it comes to hearing people. In this scenario, there’s really no excuse for mishearing what someone is saying or not being able to hear at all.

Of course, we all have moments where we drift off from what another person is saying. While this may be somewhat bad manners, it’s not as bad as having to ask others to repeat their sentence over and over and over again.

Family members or friends have mentioned it

Have your family members or friends been discreet or obvious when it comes to mentioning signs of hearing loss? This is an obvious sign and one that will likely become increasingly common the longer it goes on unresolved. Not every family or friend may be patient with it either, so you may find yourself with some frustrated loved ones urging you to get help.

Withdrawal from conversations and social events

A common issue that comes from hearing loss is withdrawal from conversations and social events. When you can’t hear what’s being said, you often don’t want to be a burden so you’ll detract from the conversations being had.

To help prevent a lack of social life or arguments between family members, get your hearing checked and resolve your hearing loss with hearing aids if needed.

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