First Mu Variant Cases Recorded In Los Angeles

First Mu Variant Cases Recorded In Los Angeles

The variant is known as the Mu variant or B.1.621. The new strain is worth investigating, given its numerous mutations, which suggest the possible features of an immunological evasion. Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that the United States health authorities maintain a keen eye on the novel Coronavirus variation that has been identified initially in Colombia.

“Preliminary data presented to the Virus Evolution Working Group show a reduction in neutralization capacity of convalescent and vaccinee sera similar to that seen for the Beta variant, but this needs to be confirmed by further studies,” read the latest WHO report which was released this week.

Los Angeles Authorities have now disclosed that the Mu strain was discovered in the area.  The statistics are still low; in Los Angeles County, there are just 167 Mu cases. At the beginning of the year, Mu was initially identified in Colombia. The new strain was subsequently recorded in almost 40 countries. In the U.S.,  2.000 Mu instances were recorded in states such as Texas and California.  

Health official from Colombia, Marcela Mercado, informed the general public that Mu caused the third wave of COVID-19 cases in Colombia from April to June. Throughout this period, she reported there were around 700 fatalities daily and almost 2/3 of those who passed away tested positively to the Mu strain.

Viruses are expected to change throughout time, and not all forms survive. When a Coronavirus strain is shown to transmit more rapidly, produce more extreme disease, or decrease the efficacy of existing preventative or therapeutical alternatives, this makes it a variant of concern. Last week, less than 14,000 new Coronavirus infections and 530 additional fatalities occurred in Colombia. Just under 30% of Colombians are completely immunized. The strain was detected in South America and Europe. 

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