Fighting The Flu – How To Avoid Contracting The Flu Virus

Fighting The Flu – How To Avoid Contracting The Flu Virus

With all the alarming news about this flu season and all the mass media frenzy on antivirals and flu shots, it looks like we forgot about one of the most important factors that transmit the virus – humans contact! Here’s how to avoid contracting the flu virus!

Hands are holding lots of bacteria and the flu virus, too

Specialists showed in multiple studies that our hands are the culprit of transmitting 80% of all the flu, upper respiratory infections, colds, and so on. We put our hands on lots of surfaces when we go out to work or whatever. We put our hands on the bars of the public transit vehicles or in the subway, on money, on door handles, on elevator’s buttons. All these surfaces can hold a live form of a virus for at least 24 hours.

We even shake hands as greetings with different people.

To avoid contracting viruses and infections wash your hands regularly or use germicide sprays or lotions that you can easily use anywhere anytime. Moreover, avoid shaking hands as greetings when there is a flu epidemy.

Avoid touching your face

If you know your hands aren’t clean, you should avoid touching your face because the easiest way to contract the flu is when your mouth, nose, or eyes are coming in direct contact with the virus.

However, not touching your face is a hard thing to do because it’s like it is in our blood to touch our face for no obvious reason, no matter what we do. Thus, washing your hands remains the best ally against contracting the flu virus.

Grab some immune system’s enhancers

Among the best ones out there are Echinacea, Ginseng, Elderberry, and Vitamin C. All these have the advantages to be immune system’s enhancers, antivirals, and to be safe.

There are also lots of studies to back them up, and all of them have proven effective against the flu virus.

So, next time when you read the news about flu just ask yourself what do you do in order to avoid contracting the flu virus because, often, is much simpler to protect from a disease than it is to treat it.


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