Fighting Covid-19: Boosted Face Protection, Recommended By Dr. Fauci

Fighting Covid-19: Boosted Face Protection, Recommended By Dr. Fauci

Experts have been highlighting the fact that face masks might not always be enough to fight the novel coronavirus, and more items for protection could be needed. 

Market Watch just addressed the issue and revealed that Dr. Anthony Fauci said that eye protection is also important, and it may be recommended at some point in order to help prevent the spreading of COVID-19.

Eye protection could help 

The expert sat down for a remote Q&A with ABC News via its Instagram account this week, and his eyewear comments managed to raise a few eyebrows on social media, as the online publication mentioned above revealed.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, the Disney-owned DIS news network’s chief medical correspondent, asked Fauci whether he could see shielding the eyes being recommended at some point. “You know, it might,” he said.

He explained that the novel virus, which causes COVID-19 could infect the mucosal surfaces or some parts of the body, which include eyes, nose, and mouth that are secreting mucus in order to stop pathogens and dirt from getting into the body. 

He was trying to say that the perfect protection would involve protecting these parts of the body as well. 


“It’s not universally recommended, but if you really want to be complete, you should probably use it if you can,” he continued.

He also said that one reason that this hasn’t been pushed for the general public yet, is because, “it’s so easy for people to just make a cloth mask.”

Coronavirus in the news 

It’s been recently revealed that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said recently that an effective coronavirus vaccine could require multiple doses

Just the other day, another important issue was debated, and the price for the vaccine has been disclosed. Also, it was just reported that FDA could issue emergency use authorization for the vaccine.


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