The FDA is Calling Back Pet Food due to Listeria and Salmonella

The FDA is Calling Back Pet Food due to Listeria and Salmonella

The Federal Drug Association has been forced to call back pet food products due to the most recent outbreak of listeria and salmonella recorded this month.

This Friday the Federal Drug Association sent out multiple invoices to a number of pet food suppliers, such as Northwest Naturals of Portland, Oregon and TruPet, LLC of Milford, Ohio, asking them to recall a couple of their pet food products that have been recorded to cause animals to get sick.

What is being recalled

They are recalling 5-pound frozen food chubs labeled Chicken and Salmon Recipe made by the Portland company and Treat Me Crunchy Beef Delight, 2.5 ounce dog treats from the Ohio company.

What is wrong with the products

Northwest Naturals’ received concerned calls for its raw diet for dogs food chubs for fear of a possible listeria outbreak.  This type of pet food was an isolated batch sent to distributors in California, Washington, Texas, Michigan, Georgia, and Rhode Island.

When it comes to TruPet’s dog treats, they were recalled for a possible salmonella contamination. They distribute their products all over the United States online through and

What is Salmonella and Listeria

For those that do not know, salmonella and listeria are two types of bacteria that can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, fever and in very rare cases bloody diarrhea.


In light of recent events, the Federal Drug Association’s decision to recall these products off the shelves is a good one as it can stop further infections from occurring. It is obvious that there are products that have already been purchased before the recall and that some of them will be fed to pets but what we, like the FDA, hope for is that this outbreak will stop before it even started due to caution and prevention.


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