Famous American Actor Struggled With Symptoms of Lyme Disease for 20 Years

Famous American Actor Struggled With Symptoms of Lyme Disease for 20 Years

The case of a famous American actor shows us all how unpleasant Lyme disease can be, the one caused by the Borrelia bacterium and spread by ticks. Although many of us tend to underestimate the danger of getting bitten by a tick, it can lead to developing symptoms such as fever, fatigue, headaches, skin rash, and more. Furthermore, if Lyme disease is left untreated, it can spread to the heart and the nervous system.

Alec Baldwin is the actor in question, and Prevention.com reveals that he spoke about experiencing Lyme disease symptoms for about 20 years. He has been beaten down by joint pains, cold sweats, soreness, and exhaustion after multiple tick bites.

Alec Baldwin gets inexplicable joint pain even today

Baldwin’s case proves that there’s no fooling around when it comes to Lyme disease and contact with ticks. The pesky little bugs can be far more dangerous than most people are aware of. The actor got bit by a tick 20 years ago when his symptoms kicked in, and he still is afraid of going outdoors sometimes.

Credit: CinemaBlend
Credit: CinemaBlend

Alec Baldwin spoke about his awful experience during the Hypochondriactor podcast that’s hosted by Sean Hayes and Priyanka Wali. The actor explained, as cited by Prevention.com:

I think twice that I had it, I got bit twice and I probably had it four times over five years where it came back at the exact same time.

Baldwin also said:

August of one summer I was standing on my friend’s porch at night, and it was a cool evening—it wasn’t a hot steamy evening—and I felt literally this wave go over my back and over my shoulders and kind of wrap around me like a chill, and I got just attacked. It came like someone snapped their fingers and put a spell on me.

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