Experts Unveil New Data About The Worst COVID-19 Cases

Experts Unveil New Data About The Worst COVID-19 Cases

There are all kinds of cases of COVID-19 that have been analyzed by experts, and while some of them are pretty mild and easy to treat, there are also the ones that are putting the patients’ lives in danger. 

New York Times reveals that there are studies of patients with severe cases of COVID-19 that are showing the immune system lacks its usual coordinate response. 

Finding answers to the mysteries about COVID-19

Experts are reportedly starting to find solutions to one of the most complex biological mysteries of this terrible pandemic. This is about the answer to the question Why do some people get extremely sick and others are quickly recovering. 

In some of the patients, according to recent studies, the virus seems to make the immune system go crazy, and this could be a potential explanation.

“Unable to marshal the right cells and molecules to fight off the invader, the bodies of the infected instead launch an entire arsenal of weapons — a misguided barrage that can wreak havoc on healthy tissues,” experts said as cited by the NYT. 

“We are seeing some crazy things coming up at various stages of infection,” said Akiko Iwasaki, an immunologist at Yale University who led one of the new studies.

Experts are studying these unusual responses, and they found some patterns that distinguish the patients who are on their way to recovery from the ones who are getting worse. Check out the NYT’s notes in order to find out all the available details on this matter. 

Coronavirus in the news

Recently, it’s been revealed that we could have a vaccine ready this year.

CNBC just reported that President Donald Trump said just the other day that the U.S. may have a coronavirus vaccine available to the public ahead of the administration’s goal of the end of the year or early 2021.

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