Experts Take This DIY Coronavirus Vaccine, But No One Knows If It’s Safe

Experts Take This DIY Coronavirus Vaccine, But No One Knows If It’s Safe

There are about 200 Covid-19 vaccines in the works around the world, and there are a few who managed to reach various stages of human testing. But in what seems to be the very first citizen science vaccine initiative, a few experts are making a bold move.

Technology Review reports that Prestin Estep was alone in a borrowed lab in Boston, and there were no board meetings, no big companies or a massive funding program involved.

He had the ingredients for a vaccine and a willing volunteer. He made the mixture and spritzed it up his nose. More experts volunteered as lab rats for this DIY inoculation against the novel coronavirus.

The only chance for quick immunity? 

These people said that this is the only chance to become immune without waiting for a year or even more for an official vaccine to become approved by the authorities. 

“Among those who’ve taken the DIY vaccine is George Church, the celebrity geneticist at Harvard University, who took two doses a week apart earlier this month. The doses were dropped in his mailbox, and he mixed the ingredients himself,” according to the online publication mentioned above.

Even if the vaccine seems harmless, there are various questions that need to be answered regarding the subject and we recommend that you check out the original article in order to find out more info.

Coronavirus in the news

Other than this, there are also other vaccines in the works these days. 

For instance, Moderna has been making lots of headlines lately due to the vaccine that they’re getting ready by the end of 2020.

Tests have reportedly entered the final phase, and this sparked massive enthusiasm around the world. 

Now, it’s been revealed that the biotech company is seeking to sell the vaccine for around $25-$30 for a dose according to the latest reports coming from the Financial Times.

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