Experts Predict How COVID-19 Will Affect Your Daily Life This Winter

Experts Predict How COVID-19 Will Affect Your Daily Life This Winter

The worldwide coronavirus outbreak will keep going through fall and winter, and it will overlap the yearly flu season.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb suggests that the daily routines of people across the globe could soon have to adapt to the dual-threat.

Gottlieb is the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration.

In an interview with CNN, he stated that the twin threats could make life difficult for some people this cold season.

“I think the twin threats of this pathogen and the flu circulating every winter, as coronaviruses settle into a more seasonal pattern, is going to be too much for society to bear. I think we’re going to have to readjust how we live our lives,” said Gottlieb.

According to Gottlieb, people should take mitigation efforts like mask-wearing indoors, social distancing, and others to remain on the safe side.

Additionally, more people should be vaccinated against the virus if they haven’t been already.

“We’ve been too complacent about the spread of respiratory diseases in the wintertime. With a twin threat of flu and COVID circulating, we’re not going to be able to enjoy that complacency anymore,” he said.

Doctors have been alarmed by what could possibly happen in the upcoming fall and winter seasons due to the two threats overlapping.

Last year the numbers looked favorable, as a record low was registered in the number of flu cases, as most people were wearing masks and practicing social distancing, which was somewhat efficient in spreading the flu strains.

In 2021, the guidelines and mask rules were considerably limited, which allowed people to interact with each other without serious protection.

Dr. TingTing Wong, an infectious disease specialist from New York, said in an interview with Fox News:

“This year, however, we are heading into the flu season with more relaxed restrictions and the situation will allow for increased chance of respiratory illness transmissions.”

Wong also mentioned that they observed a comparable uptick of “summer colds” provoked by other viruses like RSV, respiratory syncytial virus, and rhinoviruses.

This summer, the restrictions relaxed a bit, and experts are fearing that the uptick in summer colds is foreshadowing a comparable uptick of flu cases this fall/winter season.

“Bottom line, please get the flu vaccine early!” said Wong.


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