Expert Warns That A Vaccine-Resistant COVID-19 Variant Is Likely To Emerge By This Spring – Details!

Expert Warns That A Vaccine-Resistant COVID-19 Variant Is Likely To Emerge By This Spring – Details!

Many experts have expressed concern over the possible emergence of a vaccine-resistant COVID-19 variant and now, one of them also has a rough timeline of when it might appear in the US.

According to Georgetown University Medical Center’s Department of Medicine professor and immunologist, Dr. Mark Dybul, it is likely that this dangerous variant will hit by spring of 2022 so it’s right around the corner!

He told Fortune that “The faster we get boosted, the better off we’ll be for the next couple of months. Sadly, every prediction I have made has pretty much come true. I hope I am wrong this time, but I think that by March, April, May, we will have a fully vaccine resistant variant. There is simply no way you can have such low rates of vaccination all around the world without the virus ping-ponging between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. I am an immunologist. The probability of us seeing a vaccine-resistant strain is really high.”

However, Dybul also assured everyone that, by that time, more advancements would undoubtedly be made in the medical sector as well such as the development of new, more efficient vaccines that could stop the spread of the variant.

Medication and nasal sprays could also aid in putting a stop to the spread of variants as well, he noted.

“I think we’ll have products like that in the next year and a half or so. So the longer term will be okay, but the next year and a half could be pretty rough.”

Just last month, the first minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, expressed concern over the emergence of another variant, this time one that is resistant to the vaccine currently available.

“There is at least a possibility that variant will turn out to be more resistant to the vaccination than the current one we have,’ the prime minister stated.

Furthermore, scientists from Germany also warned that an older variant known as A.30 could also evade the vaccines.

Back in September, Fauci mentioned that a so-called “monster variant” could appear, making the highly transmissible delta variant we are currently dealing with seem rather weak in comparison.

“There’s always a risk of, as you get more circulation of the virus in the community, that you’ll get enough accumulation of new mutations to get a variant substantially different than the ones we’re seeing now,” Fauci warned while on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”


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