Experienced Doctor Shares a List of Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and How to Fix Them

Experienced Doctor Shares a List of Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and How to Fix Them

Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction (ED) can occur at any age. No man likes to deal with it, not to mention women. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a guy who’s not a big hit with the ladies – erectile dysfunction is a nightmare for any man and a sure way to make a woman never call you again after you brought her in bed. The good news is that there is plenty of hope that someone who deals with the issue can overcome it.

That hope now comes from Dr. Ken Berry, a family physician who has over 20 years of clinical experience. After sharing his guide to getting rid of the so-called ‘man boobs’ back in May, which is another nightmare for men, today we’ll be exposing the doctor’s view on erectile dysfunction – seven causes and how to eliminate them until it’s too late.

Dr. Berry says that anything that damages the inner lining of your arteries, veins, or their ability to expand and constrict will ultimately cause problems regarding erectile dysfunction. Also, what damages the conduction and surface of nerves will also lead to more symptoms related to not being able to ‘bring it up.’

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Dr. Berry says in the video’s description

Don’t let Erectile Dysfunction put you on the sidelines. Most causes of E.D. are reversible once you understand what’s causing it. Here are 7 causes of erectile dysfunction you can fix, and how to get started doing it. Correct the underlying cause before permanent damage is done.

The doctor also says that there are hundreds of causes of ED, but for the new video, he focused only on 7 of them that are common and can be fixed. Last but not least, he mentioned that some of the causes don’t literally cause ED, only that they are caused by the same thing that’s causing a man to not be able to “get it hard.”

Elevated Triglycerides

Fixing elevated Triglycerides is relatively easy, and the answer lies at your table, literally! You just need to head for low-carb diets, ketogenic diets, or perhaps even carnivore diets. Triglycerides levels will return to normal if you lower your consumption of carbohydrates.

Foods that are low in carbs are eggs, meat, fish, nuts, seeds, apples, blueberries, and more.

Low testosterone

You can fix low testosterone as well, and it’s worth keeping in mind that not everyone who suffers from ED also has low testosterone. Therefore, getting your testosterone levels checked when you go to the doctor for your ED problem is a “must.”

High blood sugar

Fixing high blood sugar can be done in the same way you’re tackling the elevated triglycerides issue: consuming fewer carbohydrates. Dr. Berry also tells us that anytime a person eats a meal that’s high in carbs, blood sugar goes up, and damage occurs to arteries, veins, and nerves that are responsible for erection. This is obviously a formula to achieve ED.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure does damage to arteries and nerves. For 80-90% of people who deal with high blood pressure, the reason behind their condition is that they’re getting too many carbs in their diets. 


Unless you’ve been living on another planet until now, you may have found out that smoking can cause a lot of health issues. Dr. Berry reveals that this habit can also lead to one of the most terrifying conditions for a man: erectile dysfunction. The way smoking does it is by clogging up some arteries near your “pride.” Therefore, the solution here is simple: stop putting cigarettes in your mouth.

Having extra pounds

Being overweight can also lead to ED, and you can fix this issue as well by a few changes to your diet. Once again, you must lay it down with the carbs, and especially when it comes to the ultra-processed junk carbs. Instead, you must choose a ketogenic, low-carb, or carnivore diet.

Anxiety, depression, and stress

Dr. Berry tells us that we need to give attention to the ‘big head’ as well. He also reveals that it’s not the difficulties in life for themselves that cause you anxiety, depression, or stress. It’s how you react to them, which is a huge difference. For instance, very rich people deal with depression. Therefore, you need to ask yourself if you react in a bad way to the ugly stuff in life. To decrease anxiety and depression, you can do a few simple things such as getting enough sleep, getting exposed to the sunlight enough, and more. 

Certain medications

There is a long list of prescription medications that can lead you to have higher chances of dealing with the nightmare of any man: erectile dysfunction. The most common meds that you need to stay away from as much as possible are Benzodiazepines, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), and more.

The doctor also reveals that “pretty much any street drug that you buy down the corner” can represent a chance to make you develop ED. All the uppers, and downers, for instance, will be causing damage to arteries, veins, and nerves. 

Dr. Berry also says that he’ll probably be making more videos about erectile dysfunction on his KenDBerryMD YouTube channel, so the best way to find out for sure is to have some patience while keeping an eye on what he will be posting.

Speaking openly to your doctor about erectile dysfunction is a “must” if you’re dealing with such an issue, as there is no need to be ashamed. 

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