European Citizen Tries to Avoid COVID Vaccination Using Fake Arm

European Citizen Tries to Avoid COVID Vaccination Using Fake Arm

COVID vaccines continue to be imposed throughout Europe, the continent that is currently considered as the epicenter of the ongoing pandemic. Those who don’t trust the vaccines will probably always be there, and sometimes the methods they use to try avoiding the jabs are amusing.

According to The New York Times, a man from Italy tried to bypass the COVID vaccination by exposing a fake arm made of rubber foam instead of his real limb. The vaccination center where the amusing event happened was located in the Italian city of Biella.

Filippa Bua wasn’t fooled

Filippa Bua is the name of the veteran nurse who was preparing to inject the vaccine into the man’s arm. She realized that she had to deal with a fake arm when she noticed the different colors between the material and the man’s face. The rubber foam arm was pinker than other parts of the citizen’s face.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Ms. Bua even declared, as quoted by The New York Times:

It was so humiliating thinking that a nurse cannot tell the difference between rubber foam and skin.

The identity of the man who tried the little cunning wasn’t revealed because of privacy reasons.

Otherwise, the Italian population seems to generally be pretty confident in the COVID vaccines. 74.1% of the people living in the European country had been fully vaccinated for the coronavirus, according to information provided by Our World in Data.

The Italian government took some serious measures to impose COVID vaccination for those who didn’t initially want to get one. The controversial Green Pass is required in Italy for all those who have jobs and want to participate in various social activities.

The case of the man trying to evade COVID vaccination using a fake arm was reported to the police.

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