EURO 2020 Final Was a “Superspreader” Event When it Comes to COVID-19

EURO 2020 Final Was a “Superspreader” Event When it Comes to COVID-19

Sure, football is nice and entertaining as long as there isn’t room for violence and fanatism. The sport unites people and gives them a sense of purpose and competition. But in the COVID era, gathering together isn’t exactly a good idea.

The final match between England and Italy from the 2020 European Football Championship that took place this summer on July 11 was a “superspreader” event when it comes to the coronavirus, as a new article from CNN reveals. That’s right, the competition contained “2020” in the title, although it was held in 2021. The reason is simple, and you might have already guessed it: the football competition was postponed for a year because of the COVID pandemic.

COVID-19 infection was sky rocking around the Wembley Stadium on the day of the EURO 2020 final

Data revealed this Friday shows a high level of infection with the coronavirus in and around the Wembley Stadium from London, the arena where the final for EURO 2020 was held. There’s nothing too surprising, considering the attendance of about 67,000 football fans present at the stadium.

According to Public Health England, 2,295 people were likely to have been infectious. A further of 3,404 individuals potentially acquired infection during the football competition’s final.

Jenifer Smith, the deputy medical director of Public Health England, said as quoted by CNN:

Euro 2020 was a unique occasion and it is unlikely we would see a similar impact on COVID-19 cases from future events,

However, the data does show how easily the virus can spread when there is close contact and this should be a warning to us all as we try and return to a cautious normality once again.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has previously blamed the European Football Championship 2020 (EURO 2020) for a rise in COVID cases.

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