Erectile Dysfunction Pills Could Slow Cognitive Decline As Well

Erectile Dysfunction Pills Could Slow Cognitive Decline As Well

It could be good for people with erectile dysfunction to get a little extra help in bed. This could be good for both their bottom and their top.

Pills like tadalafil, which is also known as Cialis, open up the arteries and make more blood flow. It’s this feature that allows people with ED to get an erection. But a new study found that the same methods that cure the sexual condition could also decelerate mental decline in older people, so their psyches and brains stay sharp, even as they get older.


There are fewer veins in our bodies as we get older, which means that less blood gets to our brains and other parts of the body. Both men and women were asked to take only one dose of Tadalafil, or they were told not to take anything at all. Then, they had an MRI that would show how much blood was getting to the brain.


Study results

They found that there was no big discrepancy in brain blood circulation between people who took tadalafil and people who took a placebo. Even so, people over the age of 70 had more blood flow to their brain’s white matter.


The white matter is an essential and beneficial system of synaptic pathways that connects the 4 lobes of the brain. This is a big part of vascular dementia, and it’s important to know about. People with the disease lose more and more brain capacity over time because they don’t get enough blood.


People who have elevated blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and heart failure or diabetes are more likely to have vascular dementia than people who don’t have these things. The clinical study indicates that tadalafil, as well as other treatment options like Viagra, may have other uses. These include assisting ED patients get their rhythm back.


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