Erectile Dysfunction Could Be Fixed Through This Long-Term Testosterone Therapy

Erectile Dysfunction Could Be Fixed Through This Long-Term Testosterone Therapy

A study which was published in the Journal of Urology researched how a long term replacement of testosterone will affect urinary or sexual function in men who are diagnosed with a symptomatic deficiency in testosterone.

The therapy will improve those two functions, having the purpose to regulate them and also the metabolism. Testosterone in men gradually decreases with age.

Symptoms of a Low Testosterone Level Vary from Erectile Dysfunction to a Risk of Diabetes

Some men may or may not experience symptoms from the decrease, called Testosterone Deficiency, known as male hypogonadism.  The symptoms could be depressed mood, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, low energy, and an increase in risk of diabetes.

In order to counterattack these symptoms, researchers from the BUSM and BUSPH teamed up with urologists from Germany and investigated the effects of a long-term testosterone therapy so that it would improve the quality of life in men who suffer from Testosterone Deficiency.

The Study Aims at Improving the Quality of Life in Men

There were more than 650 men of ages between 50 and 60 years old who agreed to test and treatment. Some of them had Testosterone Deficiency, although the reason why they had it was unknown, and others had genetic or auto-immune problems which caused their testosterone levels to drop.

AbdulmagedTraish, the professor of Urology at the Boston University School of Medicine, in the US, said that the treatment may increase prostate size and interfere with the lower urinary tract.

But researchers discovered that, even though the group experienced an increased prostate after receiving testosterone therapy, they didn’t have frequent urination or a weak urinary stream. They were able to fully empty their bladders, and didn’t feel the need to wake up in the middle of the night to urinate.

After the treatment, patients also felt they had a healthier erectile and sexual function. The study resulted in getting their patients on a higher rank in terms of quality of life.


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  1. Low testosterone can lead to many more health issues. It is very important to do regular health check ups to know about testosterone deficiency. Nowadays one can get help from hormone therapy or testosterone replacement therapy.


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