Elon Musk On Covid-19 After 4 Tests: “Something Bogus Going On”

Elon Musk On Covid-19 After 4 Tests: “Something Bogus Going On”

The novel coronavirus had been turning our lives upside down in 2020. Most of us have already forgotten what it feels like to live normally and carefree. 

The whole world is in the middle of a global crisis, and people can only hope that everything will get better and life can get back to normal or at least to something as close to normality as possible.

The whole planet is fighting with the second wave of coronavirus, and people are freaking out with every passing day, learning more and more details of what the novel virus can do.

On the other hand, there’s also good news! Regarding a vaccine, we’re almost at the finish line, according to the latest reports. 

And more than that, just the other day, we reported that ketamine might have a new role in combating the cytokine storm that’s associated with severe Covid-19 infections. 

Elon Musk addresses Covid-19 after taking 4 tests

Musk took rapid antigen tests on Thursday, and you’ll see what he had to say about the results below.

Also, he said he was also awaiting results from polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests from different labs.


As expected, his tweet triggered various reactions in the comments.

Someone told him: “Then you have Covid 19. Stay away from other people. Wear a mask if you must go out. Get properly tested.  And stop making such dangerous statements online.”

Another follower hopped in Musk’s defence and said: “The fact Elon probably has an IQ of this entire comment thread combined, yet people are telling him he doesn’t know anything about anything is hilarious. Twitter is cancer.”

When someone said: “Revenues from tests are likely not bogus & very consistent,” Musk agreed.

A follower asked him: “Hmmmm…. Are you feeling any symptoms?” and he responded: “Symptoms of a typical cold. Nothing unusual so far.”

So, as you can see for yourselves, Musk most likely has coronavirus, Stay tuned to find out what his PCR results will be. And don’t forget to stay safe! 


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