Eating Fish Could Increase Risk of Dealing With Skin Cancer, Large Study Suggests

Eating Fish Could Increase Risk of Dealing With Skin Cancer, Large Study Suggests

Melanoma is the most invasive type of skin cancer and also has the highest risk of death. The good news is that patients have a high chance of getting cured if they’re being diagnosed early. tells us about a new and large study that suggests eating too much fish is bad for your health – it makes you more likely to develop malignant melanoma.

Eating more than half a can of tuna per day is a bad idea

The study was made upon about 500,000 people, and the researchers concluded that eating more than half a can of tuna each day would make a person have 22 percent higher chances of dealing with malignant melanoma. 

However, it’s important to take the new study with a grain of salt and not cut fish from our diets ASAP. The study doesn’t show an underlying cause for skin cancer.  

But still, here’s what Clare Collins has to say, a dietitian from the University of Newcastle:

Although the results are from a cohort study, which means they are observational and hence do not imply causation, they cannot be ignored,

The role of contaminants that may be present in some fish needs to be considered.

Eunyoung Cho, a dermatologist from Brown University, explained:

We speculate that our findings could possibly be attributed to contaminants in fish, such as polychlorinated biphenyls, dioxins, arsenic, and mercury,

Previous research has found that higher fish intake is associated with higher levels of these contaminants within the body and has identified associations between these contaminants and a higher risk of skin cancer.

Otherwise, the majority of people know already that fish is rich in calcium, phosphorus, omega-3 fatty acids, as well as vitamins like D and B2, etc.

The new research was published in Cancer Causes & Control.

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