E. Coli Outbreak In The US Has Now Reached Ohio, According To The CDC

E. Coli Outbreak In The US Has Now Reached Ohio, According To The CDC

E. Coli outbreak in the US has started on April 9th and since then 17 cases have been recorded in many US states, including New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Indiana, and Washington. Now, recent CDC reports confirmed one E. Coli case in Ohio.

Even though the first E. Coli cases have been registered on the US territory in late March, only in April the situation has become more serious and was called an outbreak. Despite the fact that 7 US states have been affected by E. Coli, so far, only New Jersey seems to concentrate most of the cases with 6 confirmed E. Coil infections.

This Tuesday, the CDC came out with a report stating that the source of the E. Coli outbreak has not yet been discovered. Just earlier, the CDC confirmed one E. Coli case in Ohio.

Also, the CDC’s experts are working on collecting samples from the affected patient to discover if the same bacteria strain is involved, trying to depict which was the source of this E. Coli widespread in the US.

E.Coli outbreak has reached Ohio

As I’ve mentioned above, there is only one confirmed case of E. Coli infection in the Ohio state. However, the CDC has no clue from where the E. Coli bacteria has been contracted by the patient in Ohio, as no restaurant, food, or grocery store were discovered as possible sources for the E. Coli infection.

E.Coli is a bacterium that usually lives in dirt and animal feces. Humans also have this bacterium in their guts and the E. Coli illness occurs when these bacteria exceed a healthy number and start multiplying freely. This can be due to ingestion of contaminated food and water or poor hygiene.

The CDC doctors recommend people in the affected areas to frequently wash hands, properly prepare foods, wash vegetables and fruits, and avoid unpasteurized products.

In conclusion, E. Coli outbreak in the US has reached Ohio, where, until now, only one confirmed case has been registered by the CDC.


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