Drinking Alcohol While You’re on Paxlovid to Treat COVID? Find Out If It’s Safe

Drinking Alcohol While You’re on Paxlovid to Treat COVID? Find Out If It’s Safe

Let’s suppose you’ve been diagnosed with COVID, and you stick to your doctor’s advice. You start treatment with Paxlovid, meaning one of the drugs that are being used against the coronavirus. You get invited to a friend’s birthday party, where, of course, you’ll have the chance to get a few drinks in your system. Since you know that medications usually don’t get along with alcoholic beverages, you obviously start to wonder if it’s ok to drink while you’re on Paxlovid.

That’s why we’re here, to shed light on the mystery. The COVID pandemic isn’t officially over yet, although it doesn’t represent a health emergency anymore in the US. Even so, we must act cautiously and don’t neglect the importance of treating ourselves the proper way if we get diagnosed with COVID.

Drinking alcohol while you’re on Paxlovid is not a wise move

There’s no direct interaction between alcoholic beverages and the Paxlovid drug. However, doctors recommend avoiding such drinks while taking the medication. Consuming alcohol can weaken your immune system and even make it harder for your body to overcome the COVID infection.

Once again, we must emphasize that drinking alcohol while you’re taking drugs, in general, is not good for your body. Paxlovid is no exception.

ALWAYS talk to your doctor!

When Paxlovid has been prescribed as part of your treatment plan to get rid of COVID, adhering diligently to your doctor’s instructions becomes crucial. It entails steering clear of alcohol and any other substances that could potentially hinder the efficacy of the medication. Emphasizing your overall health and wellness during this time is essential, encompassing practices such as ensuring ample rest, staying well-hydrated, and adopting a nourishing diet.

In the event that doubts or worries arise regarding your treatment, do not hesitate to communicate with your healthcare provider. They possess the knowledge and insight to offer personalized advice, tailored to your unique requirements and situation. By seeking their guidance, you can foster a collaborative and informed approach to managing your recovery from the coronavirus.

Paxlovid has proven to be efficient, especially in the case of those COVID patients who are at the highest risk of severe illness or death. For these people, the medication is able to reduce the risk of hospitalization and death.


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