Dr. Scott Gottlieb Brings Good News About COVID Masks

Dr. Scott Gottlieb Brings Good News About COVID Masks

Even though the world is going through far better times than it did at the start of the COVID pandemic, experts strongly recommend we remain cautious. Wearing COVID masks, especially in crowded places, remains a good choice. But what if the others around you aren’t doing the same?

There’s no use becoming hysterical and asking everyone to put on that mask if you already have one. If you don’t believe us, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who is a former FDA Commissioner, claims the same as long as your mask is of high quality. But what exactly is “high quality” in this case? Luckily, there is a compelling answer.

You should choose an N95 or KN95 mask

CNBC.com brings the great news of Dr. Gottlieb’s claims, as the doctor says that high-quality masks such as N95 or KN95 offer people enough protection against COVID. Furthermore, he added that as long as you’re wearing a high-quality mask for yourself, there’s no use to worry if others aren’t doing the same. 

Here’s what the doctor stated on ‘Squawk Box’ as CNBC.com quotes:

If you have a good-fitting mask, a high-quality mask on and you’re wearing it well, you’re going to afford yourself a high degree of protection,

One-way masking does work.

He added further explanations, as the same source quotes:

So people who feel vulnerable, if they continue to do that, are going to be able to protect themselves in that setting even if other people aren’t wearing masks.

The world is currently reporting fewer and fewer COVID infections and deaths. For instance, only about 603,000 infections and over 2,300 deaths caused by the coronavirus were reported yesterday worldwide, according to worldometers.info. On the same day, more than 1,3 million COVID patients were recovered, according to the same source.


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