Dr. Anthony Fauci Says It’s Too Soon to Consider Christmas Gatherings

Dr. Anthony Fauci Says It’s Too Soon to Consider Christmas Gatherings

The COVID pandemic has been causing an immense amount of sorrow and disorder in the USA. Everybody’s looking for solutions to stop or at least slow down the current Delta wave of the coronavirus. But as cases surge, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who’s a top infectious disease expert in the USA, brings a claim that upsets a lot of people.

While Christmas is approaching, everybody obviously wants to spend time along with their loved ones for celebrating one of the most important events of the year. But according to Dr. Fauci, it’s too soon to consider the option.

The main focus should be elsewhere

Dr. Fauci was asked what a lot of Americans have in mind: can we gather for Christmas? You can see the expert’s response in the following tweet:

Anthony Fauci is well-known as one of the strongest voices in the media when it comes to rooting for pandemic restrictions and the vaccination for COVID. The Delta variant keeps surging in the US, although the country reported almost 27,000 infections with the coronavirus yesterday, according to data brought by worldometers.info. However, the US remains devastated by the pandemic since it reported a total amount of more than 44.5 million infections and more than 719,000 deaths caused by COVID since the first time the virus arrived in the country.

The first COVID cases from North America appeared in the USA back in January 2020. The country has already been through some pandemic waves, and it’s now tackling the one that has to do with the Delta strain, which is the most contagious.

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