Dr. Anthony Fauci Reveals the Solution to Prevent a Significant Uptick in COVID Cases Within Schools

Dr. Anthony Fauci Reveals the Solution to Prevent a Significant Uptick in COVID Cases Within Schools

With schools reopening, officials are obviously saying that the number of COVID infections among the little ones will once again increase significantly. But it doesn’t necessarily have to happen that way, and Dr. Anthony Fauci thinks he has the missing ingredient for preventing another major spread.

According to CNN, the top infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci said:

We’ve gotta get the school system masked in addition to surrounding the children with vaccinated people,

That’s the solution.

There’s no wonder why Fauci relies on masks so much. The physician has been very vocal about wearing masks even from the start of the ongoing pandemic. Masks, along with social distancing, washing hands, and vaccinations, are considered by the doctors as the best weapons we all have against the coronavirus.

Vaccinations aren’t going as wanted

However, the vaccination rates across the world are not going exactly as planned. A lot of people still don’t trust vaccines, and they have various reasons. They invoke the lack of liability of the developers of the vaccines, they don’t trust the safety of the vaccines themselves, and more.

Credit: Pixabay.com, Ajay kumar Singh
Credit: Pixabay.com, Ajay kumar Singh

Our World in Data reveals that 40.8% of the planet’s population has been vaccinated for COVID with at least the first dose. While 5.56 billion shots have been administered worldwide, 31.23 million doses are currently administered every day.

When the COVID pandemic first started to spread, experts believed that children had the strongest immune systems in the face of the coronavirus. But according to recent news, that might not be available anymore due to the newer COVID strains.

The Delta variant is the one causing the most concerns, as it’s spreading like wildfire, judging by the official data. The strain was recognized from the start as being far more contagious than older variants of COVID.

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