Dr. Anthony Fauci Releases Unexpected Prediction for How Long Americans Will Be Wearing Facemasks

Dr. Anthony Fauci Releases Unexpected Prediction for How Long Americans Will Be Wearing Facemasks

Although everybody expects to stop wearing facemasks in 2021, it may not be the case, according to the infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci. We all miss those times when you didn’t have to put a mask on for getting outside.

Even in the current context of millions of Americans getting vaccinated for COVID, wearing facemasks could still be necessary for a pretty long time from now.

Americans could still be wearing masks in 2022

By 2022, most Americans would probably get immunized for the coronavirus, but Dr. Anthony Fauci said that it’s possible for them to still be wearing masks in the next year. The news comes from CNN, and Fauci spoke for Dana Bash on “State of the Union”, declaring:

You know, I think it is possible that that’s the case and, again, it really depends on what you mean by normality.

The top infectious disease expert answered the question if Americans will still need to put masks on in 2022. However, Mr. Fauci also brought some good news:

As we get into the fall and the winter, by the end of the year, I agree with (President Joe Biden) completely that we will be approaching a degree of normality.

According to Bloomberg, over 63.1 million vaccine doses were administered in the US. The number is huge also by considering that the entire US population is over 332 million in 2021.

The total number of COVID infections in the US exceeds 28.7 million cases, while over 510,000 people died because of the disease. Luckily enough, over 18.9 million COVID patients (97%) from the US were recovered.

The overall pandemic situation looks as following, according also to worldometers.info: there are over 111 million infections and a death toll that exceeds 2.4 million people. Over 87 million patients (meaning about 97% of the total cases) were recovered/discharged.

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