Dr. Anthony Fauci Releases Prediction On Coronavirus Vaccine

Dr. Anthony Fauci Releases Prediction On Coronavirus Vaccine

The novel coronavirus changed the face of the world as we knew it, and we’re now struggling to get back to normality. According to more experts, this can only be achieved with the help of vaccines which can lead to the general immunization of the population.

The coronavirus vaccines have been surrounded with tons and tons of controversies, and these don’t seem to come to an end too soon.

The latest report that has been revealed stated that the Centers for Disease Control indicated in an alert Tuesday that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine could resume as soon as Wednesday.

CBSNews notes that the alert came after a chaotic day when the FDA recommended there be a “pause” for the vaccine, leading virtually every state to halt the use of the single-dose shot.

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Now, it’s been revealed that dr. Anthony Fauci addressed the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 

What’s next for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Daily Wire notes that there were several reports of blood clots developing in people who took the Johnson & Johnson CIVID-19 vaccine, and after these, the U.S. health agencies called for a temporary halt on the shots.

“The J&J vaccine was pulled off the market last week after officials announced that six women — out of some 7 million people inoculated — had experienced blood clots. But what was expected to be a pause of just a few days is still in effect,” according to the online publication mentioned above. 

Dr Fauci said that health officials would not pull the vaccine.

“My estimate is that we will continue to use it in some form. I doubt very seriously if they just cancel it,” he said.

“I do think that there will likely be some sort of warning or restriction or risk assessment. I don’t think it’s just going to go back and say, ‘OK, everything’s fine. Go right back,’” he said.

“I think it’ll likely say, ‘OK, we’re going to use it but be careful under these certain circumstances.’”

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