Dr. Anthony Fauci Releases Prediction for How COVID-19 Vaccine Will Do Against Specific New Strain

Dr. Anthony Fauci Releases Prediction for How COVID-19 Vaccine Will Do Against Specific New Strain

Researchers believe that the more we vaccinate, the more the SARS-CoV-2 virus will tend to mutate in order to survive. The new strain that emerged in South Africa has been giving medical experts a lot of work to do. According to The Hill, the top infectious disease expert of the US, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has some important things to say about how vaccines will do against the new COVID variant.

How will a COVID vaccine work for the new South African variant? As this is one of the lingering questions that many of us have, Dr. Anthony Fauci has a clear answer.

Several months needed

Dr. Fauci declared as responding to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, regarding the time needed for developing a COVID vaccine against the South African strain:

That likely will take several months.

However, the top infectious disease expert also brought very good news:

There is enough cushion in the efficacy of the vaccine that there is still some protection, particularly against serious disease. So, although the vaccine might not protect against mild to moderate disease with the South African isolate, when you look at the data, it strongly suggests that it will do quite well against serious disease, namely, keeping people out of the hospital and preventing them from dying.

According to federal data from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), over 57 million vaccine doses for COVID were administered in the US, the world’s most affected country by the ongoing pandemic. That means about 12.4% of the entire population of the country.

Worldometers.info informs that the COVID-19 pandemic is significantly slowing down, although the total number of infections worldwide exceeds 111 million cases, and the death toll reaches over 2.4 million people who lost the battle with the coronavirus.


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